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Start the journey for free on July 22 and 23rd 2022. Book one of four in the series will be free to download on Amazon.

Imagine leaving your life behind and drifting softly into a world where your darkest fantasies become reality. From the moment Fleur Beausoleil opens the elegant embossed envelope, informing her that she has been matched, her life will never be the same. With nothing but the clothes chosen by her new Master on her back, and her faithful pet Citrouille by her side, she enters the dollhouse, a place of dark romance and magic. Fleur may find it easy to sink deeply into pleasure, but when jealousy and rage transform her dream into a nightmare, she can only hope that the love she finds in the darkness will keep her alive. The brave may enter the dollhouse to discover her fate, but step lightly, once you enter there is no looking back.

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