KINK SCHOOL May 12-15 2022

Come learn about kink in a safe and inclusive format. Virtual attendance means you can attend from nearly anywhere in the world and learn without worrying about Covid 19!  Many classes will be offered by wonderful educators. Topics include rope bondage, pet play, hypnokink, dungeon etiquette, BDSM, BIPOC roundtable and more! Full details here:  Sunny’s… Continue reading KINK SCHOOL May 12-15 2022

Happenings for Spring 2022!

Sunny’s schedule is filling up this Spring! Her newest book Banish the Light, Turn the Key 4, is nearly finished. Naughty Talk Season 1 is well underway, and she has signed on to teach several classes (Primal Play and Sensual BDSM) at the Kink School Con. Click here for more details on the convention: