Summer Fun!

Summer is upon us and I’m excited to report some upcoming news. I’ve been taking some time to travel this spring but Naughty Talk Season 4 is about 90% recorded as I’m writing this and I’m really excited for its release. We’re pushing hard for a release in early June! This season has required a ton of extra care with the topics being some of our edgiest yet! If you haven’t listened to seasons 1-3, now is a great time to catch up!

On July 4th weekend I’ll be visiting LOCK NY for a primal camping weekend! I’m excited to be teaching three classes with the fabulous PandaPet and organizing a group hunt!

Later in July, I’m planning to pop by the KinkyCon NH summer vending event. I always leave with something fun and it’s a great chance to reconnect with some of the folks I hope to see again at the full convention in November.

Last but not least, my newest book Salt is in the writing phase. It’s been quite the adventure breaking from my Turn the Key series for the first time in what feels like ages. It’s refreshing to be working on something new. If you cheered on the villains in the TTK series, this one’s for you! It’s my darkest novel to date, and the writing process has been psychologically intense.

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