Looking to the new year…


Kinky Con in Nashua was amazing this year! We really had a blast and now, Mac and I are looking forward to the new year!

If you’ve been interested in erotic hypnosis (heavily featured in my books!), now is your chance to learn to do it yourself! Charmed! in Annapolis is a wonderful event. The amazing thing about Charmed! is that classes are offered both online and in person, and the online tickets are especially affordable! Please note, Mac and I were expected to attend and present at Charmed 2024 and due to a family emergency, unfortunately, have had to withdraw. We have never withdrawn from an event before and are so sad to announce this. We hope everyone has a great time!

There will still be several Naughty Talk cast members in attendance and Panda and Hypnostory will still be teaching their classes!

Information and tickets HERE.

In other news,

Don’t forget that Chase the Time, the first book in the series from the POV of the Dominant, is live for instant download and FREE ON Kindle Unlimited!

Blurb: Imagine striving for control in all things, only to find your entire world plunged into chaos. From the moment Ryan Byrne lays eyes on Aisling O’Connor, her life will never be the same. When a dark secret comes to light and trust is obliterated, Ryan must pick up the shattered pieces of her heart and build a new life entirely.

Ryan may find it possible to drown her sorrows in the pleasure of training a new submissive courtesy of The Agency, but when her past comes back to haunt her, will she be able to reconcile the ghosts of her past with her newly found love? A Dominant who has absolute power must also have absolute accountability. With lives hanging in the balance, decisions must be made and one thing is for certain, the time we’re given with those we love will never seem to be enough.

Love, Sunny  

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