Beautiful Discipline Oracle

I’m so excited to share this project! It’s been a labor of love and I can’t tell you all how many printers refused to print the cards in all of their explicit, kinky glory! Each deck has a QR code to download the guide book which reads very nicely on mobile devices. This has been part of my strategy to keep the cost affordable. Each deck has to be printed alone or in a very small batch which is regrettably pricey. That said, the printer I’m working with produced BEAUTIFUL quality cards and really brought my vision to life!

The Beautiful Discipline oracle is a tool for divination and self-reflection. this deck celebrates the many roles, identities, body types, and ability levels that make the kink community so beautiful. The nature of the kink dynamic is so connective and inclusive of ritual that it lends itself in a lovely way to spiritual practices such as meditation, divination, and self-exploration.

As an advocate of risk-aware consensual kink, it is important for me to mention that some of the images in this deck are quite explicit. it is also worth noting that oracle decks provide insight that is both light and dark in nature and the kink themes represented are used metaphorically. This said, this oracle has a focus on embracing one’s authentic self and no dark interpretations of a card’s meaning should be interpreted as kink-shaming or negativity pertaining to the kink or identity depicted.

Developing this deck has been a wonderful journey, and grew from a desire to create an oracle for use in my own personal practice. I hope that others find it insightful. If you love this deck and are curious about more of my art, check out my Turn the Key novel series, available on Amazon, and my podcast Naughty Talk with Sunny Leigh Mayne.