Charmed2022 Recap and Update!

Note from Sunny: I was so excited to participate in Charmed2022 over MLK weekend! It was amazing seeing new faces and I really enjoyed teaching some hypnokink classes, as well as participating in the living art exhibit as a living hypno doll! Thanks to everyone who came out to support me or the event in general and participated in classes, especially those who volunteered! I had the opportunity to attend some amazing classes taught by others as well and had a wonderful time all around.

I’m looking forward to future opportunities to teach and share content! Next up will be my discussion about dollification play on Perverted Podcast. The show is doing shorter segments now for each host and will air bi-weekly, but I’ll still be on once per month on the episode that airs on the 30th (second episode each month). Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list if you want to stay up to date on Sunny’s events and new releases! She’s currently working on book 4 in the Turn the Key series and is excited to announce that vampires are involved! Click Here to subscribe and receive a free piece of erotica attached to your welcome email!

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